Thursday, 29 March 2012

Warwick Goble

Funny how you make new discoveries and unexpectedly dip into a treasure trove.
Alphonse Mucha have since I was 14 been a huge idol of mine. I loved the way he drew hands - so fluid and elegant. He is one of the reason I kept drawing - even though I have never figured out how to pronounce that name...
Later came complete adoration for Edmund Dulac and Kay Nielsen. Arthur Rackham I had t be older to appreciate. I remember his style struck me as messy and dark when I first saw it. Now I love it.
I even had a brief fling with Klimt, although his overexposure means I can only tolerate so much at a time.

A few months ago I was looking for illustrators in this Art Nouveau Style to put on my Domino Jewellery and I came across a name I hadn't noticed before.

Warwick Goble 1862-1943
He has a beautiful fluid style. Much influenced by Japan and lovely for it. His works are just fantastic and I can't believe I didn't see before. I guess he was just never as famous and Dulac and Rackham, but he seems to have produced a fair number of books, before, as Wikipedia says, he gave up illustrating for sculling and cycling :oD Oh the shame.

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