Sunday, 29 January 2012

January Ambitions

What with the new year I always feel invigorated and want to start lots of new things.
I am trying to start a jewellery business, but also have two freelancing projects on the game design side, which is what actually pays the bills at the moment.
It means, I am sad to say that I hardly get any drawing done, let alone painting. I think it might just have to wait until spring before I really get going again.
Fortunately I do draw in my work, so it won't be completely on hold. But the drawings are stuff like the sketch above and these:

The purpose is to convey a mood or an idea to the team, so that everyone knows what I am talking about. I find that when I take the trouble to draw the layout or puzzle, it is not only understood better by others, but also by me. Problems are highlighted and new ideas spawned just by seeing things on paper.
After an idea is accepted the 'proper' concepts are drawn. The ones that will be shown to the client and potential customers. There are people on the team who do nothing but draw. I am sometimes jealous, but then, I like spawning the ideas and gameplay too.

Friday, 20 January 2012

Too Far

Free hand gone overboard. Too many shapes, too may contrasting colours. I will knock this one back with a glaze and continue work on top of it.
It all works in the name of inspiration. Random shapes are great for starting new ideas.

I found with interest a technique used by David Revoy for starting new images like this. He uses a free software program called Alchemy to start of a new idea. You can see the process here:

And get Alchemy here:

Here is my first attempt:

The idea is to just keep playing till the shapes speak to you. And it's good fun.

Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Growing Background Layers

The idea with these are to play and experiment a bit. Build up a layer as a foundation that is anything but a scary blank canvas. Let the random shapes lead to more specific ones. This is like brainstorming with a brush and quite fun to do. It is important though not to splash just any colour on there, but control it in a specific colour scheme. Otherwise is might end up too ugly and discourage instead of inspire.
 I'll let them sit a few days and see what I think the next step is later.

Sunday, 8 January 2012

Time to Continue

Happy new year everyone. December was a slow month for me, drawing wise, but I was glad of the break.
I always find it hard to get up in gear again in January, but a new project at work will help me get going again. I love starting something new.

I fancy playing with imaginary painting for a while. Abstract shapes, doodles and odd looking creatures. Let's see where it goes.