Saturday, 15 October 2011

Waterscape–Final Painting


Yorkshire Sculpture Park

I chose this scene from the Yorkshire Sculpture park. A fantastically warm morning in autumn, where the light because of the low angle of the sun looked like sunset in summer. The lake, probably because of undercurrents and wind, reflected large patches of sky, but other places showed the murky colour of the water.

I tried working in a looser fashion with this, relying as much on memory as the sketches and photograph.

To keep the main focus on the water I made it the brightest area in the painting, and to give the painting more depth I hazed down the background with blue, paler colours, while giving the foreground sharper edges.

Up close this painting is a bit of a mess and I again incorporated too much of what I saw. The patches of brown water doesn’t look like water at all, probably because the shape isn’t squashed flat and horizontal enough. I went back and added some more white reflections to fix it somewhat.

Overall though, I like the warm, sunny feel of it, and standing back it really Is quite a peaceful scene.


What have I achieved?

Well I don’t think I am ready to work outdoors just yet. I most certainly feel the need to go back and build up more experience with each subject as the text suggested.

Aspects I especially need to look at are: perspective, composition, simplifying. Trying to bring everything together in these last four paintings has been a great experience, but also sobering. There is so much to learn.

Landscape and scenery painting is not my favourite subject. I find faces, people, animals and still lifes much more appealing. More intimate. But I’d still like to be better at it :oD

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